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Pediatric Emergency Care Opportunities for Research

Investigators & researchers interested in using the PPRP or NPRP data can request access.

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National Prehospital Pediatric Readiness (PPRP) Data

The PPRP is planned to launch its first data collection with 14,500+ prehospital agencies in 2024.

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National Pediatric Readiness (NPRP) Data

The NPRP concluded its data collection with 5,000+ hospital emergency departments in 2021.

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EMSC Program Manager Secure Links & Resources

EMSC Program Managers can find links to their secure resources like CLMS and Tableau in this section.

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Monthly TechTalks

We host live 30-minute virtual trainings for EMSC Program Managers. These trainings are on some technical aspect, tool, or function that helps Managers with their day-to-day job.

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EDC Resource Catalog

Looking for templates, worksheets, slide decks, and other customizable resources? Find these and more in our Resource Catalog

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Get to Know the EDC

Did you know…

EDC = EMSC Data Center

We have existed since 1995*

* formerly known as NEDARC

We collect data from 14,500+ 911 prehospital agencies nationally

We collect data from 5,000+ hospital emergency departments nationally

Since 2000, we have offered 90+ workshops for EMSC

We have created 100s of free downloadable resources located in our Resource Catalog

We assist 57 EMSC State Partnership Programs

We have authored / co-authored 20+
peer-reviewed articles of EMSC-related data

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